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A CRM Software is a Customers and Sales Management Solution, or, in some case, a suite of applications that a company uses to collect, record and check the data of its whole profile.

Predictive Sales Management can not only increase a company’s turnover on the spot and reduce its costs, but can also facilitate the long- and short-term organisation of a business.

The development of telecommunications and information technology has enabled companies to collect detailed data about their customers and control sales. With this data in their hands, every company can create a lucrative, stable and productive relationship between itself and its customers.

Konektivo.com is an innovative Sales Analysis Software which will help you to manage & control your sales with clarity and efficiency, resulting in improved organisation and a clearer picture of the daily activity of your business.

The Konektivo.com Sales Automation Software, includes many important functions such as Sales Manager, Customer Relationship Manager and Online Invoicing. The creation of detailed statistical reports directly helps you to understand better the functioning and efficiency of your company while a study of its history and present results gives you a clear picture of the course of the business and helps you to diagnose its weaknesses as well as its strengths.

Designed especially for Small and Medium-sized businesses, Konektivo.com is a Cloud Sales Management Application which requires no specialised installation on your computer and can be used on any computer which has an active internet connection.

With innovative features, great ease of use, design which makes it easy to customize to your needs and affordable subscriptions, Konektivo.com covers all of a company’s requirements for effective organisation of its customer relationships, sales management and online invoicing.

Give a boost to your Sales Forecasting strategy, with the use of a higly qualified Sales Management Platform and improve the quality of the services you provide as well as your customers’ satisfaction.

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